The Mission

With a simple mission to make finest technology services available at the lowest costs and work around the customer centric approach. The company emphasizes to develop technology, services & products that improve lives of millions of people from developed countries where cost for such services are astronomical. We can a technology partner to any business or individual and we believe, customer’s growth will collectively multiply our growth.


The Vision

Our vision is a summed up framework for the roadmap we walk upon and it guides to run the business in such way that continual sustainable achievements and quality growth can be achieved. The 6 P’s

People: An environment where people are happy to work and grow.

Planet: To work towards sustainable development.

Partner: A concentrated network frame of happy customers creating mutual values.

Portfolio: To showcase the customers, best possible outcomes.

Productivity: Following 6 sigma, we owe to be an effective and dynamic organization.

Profit: Enhancing the long term benefits along with meeting each and every responsibility in short course as well.

With 10 + 1 years of experience in service guests and helping them get worldclass services at very economical costs. Farhataas holds the strongest portfolio in all its domains including medical services, weddings, eco tourism, cultural experience & volunteering.  The company aims at providing services with 100% client satisfaction. Farhataas was founded in the year 2006.

Focusing on long term relationships, the company works on the grounds of customer satisfaction strategy and provides outsourcing services at minimum prices. If you wish to see our strength you must have a look at our most impressive portfolio. With this we enhance the flexibility of the organization. When we take up the IT services of our customers we assure for the best outcome in terms of quality, service confidence and cost efficiency.

With years of experience the company has worked on almost every niche and has surpassed the result in all aspects. Farhataas is the hub for best minded people to assist its customer to release their energy in their respective areas. It is the only company in India, that offers work at home jobs and conducts regular campus recruitment to let freshers enter the corporate world.

Our services are cost effective technique that allows business to run smooth with technology. Farhataas been offering offshore business services to many nations including US, UK, Australia, Canada and many more companies all round the globe.

We make sure that the client’s proprietary software, intellectual property and specifications are worked with confidentiality. All rights of clients in respect of projects stay with them.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Farhataas is an organization which believes that keeping faith in the core values is not only beneficial for our business but also explains what role we should and can play for the benefit of the society. It is not an additional activity for the company but every activity of the company is focused on corporate social responsibility. Our every action not only benefits our clients but also bring positive changes to the social order.  The company believes that its objectives should be harmonious with the goals of the society.

The company is capable of exercising the action which can affect the issues of the society. In other words, they are skilled of providing the good. These measures are not to be misunderstood as charity but all these actions form a set of deliberate and thoughtful initiatives. If you want to live in an impartial, civilized and sustainable society then efforts which can leave lasting impact are required.

Integration of the personal values of the employees and business ethics is the formula for victorious organizations of the future. Farhataas want to work with people who can share their values, implement ideas which can produce effective results and can make their actions count.

Tapping the social issues with ethics of h​_umanity

To be called a socially responsible organization, you should treat the cultural, environmental, social and economic issues with sensitivity and ethically. This is what; the company is concentrated at in the area of social responsibility.