Business Opportunities in India

Business Opportunities in India are present in abundance. Travelers should make use of their next trip to India for leisure as well as to seek new business opportunities. It is always best to travel to countries with developing economies as they are cost-effective for travel yet provide ample business opportunities. India is great option for this. Any business person or entrepreneur interested in traveling and also looking for business opportunities while traveling must read on .. This article contains information regarding business Opportunities in India. One can travel to India to explore the business environment, setup a business in India, Setup outsourcing.offshoring center in India or partner with businesses in India.  

  1. BUSINESS TRAVEL TO INDIA : India is a developing economy. Come to India for new business opportunities or ways to extend or grow your existing business. 
  2. CORPORATE SETUP IN INDIA: Come to India for company setup, banking, taxes, and corporate upkeep. We will help visitors & will guide with all procedures.
  3. OUTSOURCING TO INDIA: Grow your business by outsourcing your business activities like Marketing, Social Media Management, Website Design & Development, SEO , Research, Analysis, Photo/Video editing, Accounting Etc 
  4. OFFSHORING  SETUP INDIA: Leverage offshoring opportunities in india as businesses can relocate some of their business processes to another like India to lower their cost and increased corporate profitability.
  5. DO BUSINESS WITH FARHATAAS: Work with farhataas as an affiliate partner to market our product and services in your country and earn 15% direct commission.

Business Opportunities in India for Foreign Companies

Foreign companies invest in India to take advantage of relatively lower wages, special investment privileges such as tax exemptions, etc.

FDI policy of Indian government governs how much and in what sectors investments can be made by an individual or any firm outside india.  The sectors which can accept foreign investment as per the FDI policy are Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Air Transport Services, Asset Reconstruction, Automobiles and Auto Components, Banking, Bio-Technology, Broadcasting, Goods, Construction, Investment, Healthcare, Insurance, Pension, Pharmaceuticals, Print Media. → Download Full List here

Some of the Prohibited Sectors are Lotteries, Gambling and Betting, Casinos, Chit Funds, Nidhi Companies, Transferable Development Rights, Real Estate Business, Farm House Construction, Cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigarettes and tobacco substitutes

Corporate setup for Foreign Companies in India

Come to India for company setup, banking, taxes, and corporate upkeep. We will help visitors & will guide with all procedures. India offers options of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Foreign Companies or businesses can establish business entities in India. To establish business in India, following options are available to foreign companies

Joint Venture with Indian partner: There are no separate laws for joint ventures in India and laws governing domestics companies apply equally to joint ventures.

Foreign Institutional Investors: FIIs can invest in India in financial markets (pension funds, mutual funds, investment trusts Etc). They can invest in all securities in primary and secondary markets.

Start Private Limited Company in India

Foreign Nationals and NRIs can establish their own Private Limited Company in India through a simplified procedure since most of the sectors are open for foreign direct investment and are available under automatic route of FDI approval.

Establish a Project office in India

Foreign Companies planning to execute specific projects in India can set up temporary project/site offices in India. RBI has now granted general permission to foreign entities to establish Project Offices subject to specified conditions.

Establish a Liaison office in India

A liaison office is the most basic form of business presence that a foreign company can have in India. Permission to open a liaison office in India is granted by RBI

Establish A Branch Office In India

Foreign companies can conduct their business in India through its branch office which can be opened after obtaining a specific approval from Reserve Bank of India.

Establish a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India

A Foreign entity incorporated outside India can invest and own a Company in India by acquiring shares of the company or by incorporating a new wholly owned subsidiary company, subject to the FDI guidelines

Business Opportunities in India

Tips for Starting a Business in Another Country

  1. Research Business Practices Of that country
    1. Currency exchange rates
    2. Access to needed resources and materials
    3. Communication and transportation options
    4. Government assistance programs for businesses
    5. Access to affordable capital
    6. Protection policies for businesses
    7. Immigration and employment Laws
  2. Study Cultural Differences
  3. Understand the Country’s Political Climate
  4. Seek Legal Advice to understand Legal and regulatory barriers, International compliance
  5. Seek Local Guidance
Business Opportunities in India

5 benefits of international expansion / Taking Your Company Global

  1. New markets
  2. Diversification – can protect a company’s bottom line against unforeseen events.
  3. Access to talent -allows companies to increase productivity, add advanced language skills, diverse educational backgrounds people to is workforce
  4. Competitive advantage – businesses that expand in markets where their competitors do not operate often have a first-mover advantage
  5.  Foreign investment opportunities – many governments around the world offer incentives for companies looking to invest in their region.


In a recent survey, 80% of European and US outsourcing firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination.The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) also reported that almost half of all Fortune 500 companies choose to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing firms

Reason to Outsource to India

  1. Largest technical & professional Pool in the world. India adds 3.1 million college graduates to its talent pool every year. 
  2. Very competitive pricing: As an example, a good developer in the U.S. can cost $30-$50/hour but in India it can be as low as $15 per hour. 
  3. Best INFRASTRUCTURE AND TECHNOLOGY to Support IT. As an example, In most areas 4G connectivity us available at low costs like 2GB Data per day at cost of ₹7 (10 Cent per day for 2GB data) 
  4. INDIAN GOVERNMENT IS STABLE AND OFFERS ATTRACTIVE IT POLICIES:  IT is regarded as one of the top 5 priority industries in India, and the government has framed policies to obtain maximum benefit from IT outsourcing to India
  5. The QUICKEST Turnaround time of completed work due to the 12-hour time difference between India and the USA. Work can be completed earlier than expected, leading to greater efficiency, increased productivity and more time to focus on other crucial tasks.


Process and steps on how to start outsourcing to india

  1. Establish Contact: Fill on the form and someone from farhataas sales team will call or email you. 
  2. Requirement Analysis: Our executive will understand your requirements, provide ballpark estimate on time and costs. 
  3. Pricing and Pilot project:  After pricing is approved by the organization we can execute a pilot project if required. 
  4. Project Initiation: We will conduct a project kickoff meeting and begin work as per company requirements.
  5. Project completion: We will provide on-going project reports and complete the tasks within time frame. 


What kind of work or projects can be outsourced to India

  1. Finance and Accounting: Competitively priced & technologically superior services, including – Accounting, Bookkeeping,Tax Preparation, Financial Analysis.
  2. Data Entry Services: Accurate & affordable data entry services with over 98% accuracy rate, on-schedule delivery, complete data security & high project visibility.
  3. Software Development: Affordable software development in diverse platforms including mobile application development, web development, custom software development, IT staffing, etc.
  4. Creative Design: Avail services of an expert team of Writers, Designers, Film Editors, & Musicians to create innovative animation designs, compose music, design logos & illustrations.
  5. Photo Editing Services: High quality image editing services used by global companies including real estate imaging, image enhancement, photo restoration service, photo clipping, etc.
  6. Transcription Services: Transcribe your Conferences, Interviews, Seminars, Meetings, Lectures, Legal Depositions, etc. with ease in a shorter turnaround time, & get your files transcribed in any desired format.
  7. Translation Services: Hire translators to localize your website or Software content into popular languages like French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, etc. Get bulk documents accurately translated within faster TAT.
  8. Legal Process Outsourcing: Outsource LPO Services to O2I & avail all benefits of a legal firm for legal drafting, legal analysis & research, litigation support & law office management.
  9. Digital Services: For cost-effectiveness & superior quality, outsource to O2I services like internet marketing & SEM, business incorporation, HR & IT staffing and event registration.

Offshoring Setup In India

Building and managing a tech team is cumbersome. Founders usually end up wasting a lot of time, effort and money. Offshoring a development process simply means relocating the part of business to some other place.

  1. Offshore MPV Model:  Take advantage of India and hire a complete specialized team to build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your startup or enterprise
  2. Smartsourcing Model- Allows businesses to develop their own core competencies while letting 3rd parties take charge of non-core operations of your business. Perform Performance benchmarks within your organization to under both your core & non-core competencies and prepare a sheet of tasks for the 3rd party vendor. Offshore all non-competencies activities to Indian workforce. 
  3. BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Model-  BOT is a client partner (You) with a Provider (Farhataas) who builds the service center, runs it for a pre-agreed number of years, and then transfers ownership back to the client. Provider is responsible for recruitment, training and retention. 
  4. Captive Centers Model: Captive centres are client owned Operation centers that are located in low-cost countries and are owned and managed by the corporations  
  5. Dedicated Team Model: these teams can be employed by either the vendor (benched developers) or the corporation.


Farhataas Partner Program

A digital advantage for your clients — a financial advantage for you. Farhataas offers a number of options for working together to bring small business owners the services they need. Farhataas is emerging as one of the India’s largest and fastest growing digital solutions providers, having worked with hundreds of thousands of local businesses. A comprehensive portfolio of services, one-on-one dedicated service, proven expertise, and distinguished industry partnerships are the pillars of our success.

We’re seeking partners who want to share in our success and reap the benefits of our expansion efforts. As a partner, you’ll be given all the tools, resources and support necessary to generate meaningful income by promoting Hibu products and services.

If you work with small- or medium-sized businesses, Farhataas represents a unique opportunity to monetize those relationships. 

  1. Affiliate Program Earn commissions for customer referrals. Start earning commissions today by offering Farhataas’ services to your customers and website visitors.
  2. Reseller Program Sell Farhataas products and services under your own business/Brand name. Get discounts and set your own prices—while Farhataas does all the work.
  3. Share Program: Pass on the commission you earn for referrals directly to your clients through our share program.
  4. Strategic Partner Program Join the growing team of leading companies that work with Farhataas to provide small business owners with the information, products, services and tools they need to succeed.


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How do I improve my business? Ans- With Farhataas Partnership

 improve my business Ans- With Farhataas PartnershipHow do I improve my business?

The most common question we receive by our partners is “How do I improve my business” and our simple answer is by becoming a Farhataas Partner so we can help you boost your business. We will help you find the right product or service or we can help you find the suitable customers for your products. You can gain from our services, don’t miss out!

What we offer

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  3. Better Lead Management: Get more business enquiries and manage them at one place
  4. Online Payments: Receive payments from your customers using our secure payment gateway.

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Doing Business In India

Setting up a business in India has been liberalised over the years, still it requires company formation, approvals if required, legal compliances and registration with various authorities. We provide our clients Business Setup Solution based on “turnkey” methodology which takes care of approvals, legal compliances, registrations with authorities etc. to provide a ready to operate business setup in shortest possible time frame.

Setting up a business in India involves various steps, however the process can broadly be classified into three steps:

  1. Approval for Investments
  2. Incorporation / Formation of Company, Foreign Branch Office / Liaison Office
  3. Registration with various Authorities

Free Downoad PDF Resources..

Other Resources for Download

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Web Resources

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Direct Marketing

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Agricultural Sector

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Education Services

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Information and Communication Technology

The domestic ICT market is expanding rapidly as the Indian economy develops.  Key drivers include economic prosperity, the Indian government’s “efforts to digitalize India, an e-commerce boom, and increasing digital marketing.

Import Requirements & Documentation

Includes import documentation and other requirements for both the U.S. exporter and foreign importer.

Political & Economixal Environment

Information & related links to Links to website for background on the country’s political environment.

Business Travel

There is no single way to understand a country as vast and diverse as India. What is true in one place might not be in another. Includes information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, etc.