Volunteering in India

How to Volunteer in India?

  1. Choosing an Organisation: Choose an organisation that can specifically benefit from your abilities and skills.
  2. Time Required: How much time can you devote to a project? Can you commit for at least a month or two, ideally longer.
  3. Money: Giving your time for free is only part of the story; most organisations expect volunteers to cover their accommodation, food and transport.
  4. Conditions: Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for: many organisations expect volunteers to work full time, five days a week.
  5. Transparency: Ensure that the organisation is transparent about how it spends its money.
  6. Preparation: It may be possible to find a placement after you arrive, but its preferred if volunteers have applied in advance and been approved for the kind of work involved.
  7. Background check: Will be done for those who will be working with children & Women.

Types of Volunteer work available?

  1. Care GivingIf you have medical experience, there are numerous opportunities to provide health care and support for the most vulnerable in Indian society.
  2. Community: Many community volunteer projects work to provide health care and education to villages.
  3. Design & Restoration: There are a few places where those with architectural and building skills can help.
  4. Environment & Conservation: A range of local organisations work in environmental education and sustainable development.
  5. Teaching: Many schools need teachers of English for long-term placements; Be wary of any organisation that does not require safety checks for adults working with children.
  6. Working with Animals: Opportunities for animal-lovers are plentiful.
  7. Working with Children: Various charities provide support for disadvantaged children. Ask questions of any organisation to make sure they are taking steps to protect the children in their care. Reputable organisations will insist on safety checks for adults working with children.
  8. Working with Women: India has a range of local charities working to empower and educate women.

International volunteering agencies abound, and it can be tricky trying to assess which ones are worthwhile. Agencies offering the chance to do whatever you want, wherever you want, are almost always tailoring projects to the volunteer rather than finding the right volunteer for the work that needs to be done. Look for projects that will derive real benefits from your skills.