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Do you want to have a private small or large traditional style wedding in India. This is for anyone wanting to make their happiest day the most memorable.

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Farhataas Facilities?

GUESTS PICK – We will receive the bride & groom in private car and there will be bus pickup for all the guests. Airport drop is also provided.

GUESTS ACCOMODATION – We have special accomocation for bride & groom in our heritage home. There is enough close by facility for 80 guests. 

FACILITIES – We have very good restrooms on site, green rooms, heating & AC, ample parking.

Why choose farhataas over others?

  • EFFICIENT – We work on a very limited number of weddings every year, small or large we don’t mind as long as we are able to execute the dream day to best of our efficiency.
  • EXPERIENCE – Started way back in year 2001 we had a significant role to play in shaping and bringing up this Industry.
  • ATTENTION – We work very closely with every couple and give enough of time and attention because its your big day and we mean it.
  • TECH SAVVY – We are tech savvy and responsive, we are available on BBM/Whatsapp etc for a very regular touch.
  • STRESS FREE – Wedding Planning fee is obviously an extra cost to you however the stress is all ours. We take the ownership of every possible hiccup & proactively deal with them.
  • GOOD WITH YOUR MONEY – Our objective is to plan something beautiful for you which does not necessarily mean a lot of money and therefore our focus is to set the right budget for you.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – We are NOT the cheapest available Destination Wedding but we ensure you ge the most value out of every dollar you spend.

Wedding Registry: Legal Requirements for Getting Married in India

Foreigners can legally get married in India. But the most usually prefered route is many foreigners who choose to get married in India have a wedding ceremony but forego the legal part, which they carry out in their own country. This is a lot easier and less stressful!


Same-sex marriages

Aren’t legally recognised in India.


Marriage Regualtion

Civil weddings are governed by The Special Marriage Act (link)


Residency Requirements

Either the bride or the groom has to be living in India for at least 30 days prior to applying to the local registry office to get married. For foreigners, this is evidenced by a certificate from the local police station.


Documents for Submission

Intention to get married, Residence certificate, Certified copies of passports, Birth certificates, 2 passport sized photographs each


Evidence of Eligibility

You are only eligible to marry in India if you are single, divorced or widowed.



Three witness are required who have to provide passport sized photographs, as well as identification and proof of address.


Collect Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is usually issued a couple of weeks after the wedding

If you are single

Anyone who hasn’t been married should obtain in case of:-

  1. For US – single status affidavit
  2. For UK – a Certificate of No Impediment
  3. For Australian – Certificate of No Record

If you’re divorced

you’ll need to produce the Decree Absolute

If you’re widowed

a copy of the death certificate. There is a 30 days cooling period after the forms are filled and submitted to the registrar’s office. If there is no objection during this period, the marriage can take place.

Destination wedding planning services

Foreigners can legally get married in India. But the most usually prefered route is many foreigners who choose to get married in India have a wedding ceremony but forego the legal part, which they carry out in their own country. This is a lot easier and less stressful!


Pre wedding Services

Wedding planner, Beautician, Heena, Wedding Shopping, Pre wedding photoshoot, Pre-wedding Holiday, Orientation Session


Services for the Day of Wedding

Doli, Wedding band (Punjabi), Videography, Photography, Caterers, Wedding Song, Wedding Vows, Decors Options, Cuisine, Service staffs


Post Wedding Services

Post wedding Rides, Post-wedding Holiday

Cost of Destination wedding in India

Item Cost in INR Cost in USD
Jewelry 500,000 8400
Venue 200,000 3400
Saris and Clothing 200,000 3400
Invitations 50,000 1000
Transportation 50,000 1000
Catering 800,000 14000
Wedding planner 500,000 8400
Photographer 50,000 1000
Administrative Costs 500 100
Other Decor 100,000 1700
₹2,450,000 $42,400

Weddings in India are culturally viewed as a once-in-a-lifetime, grandiose party that has a lot of implications about the prosperity of the families involved. They also tend to last up to a week, with events, meals and celebrations every day. It’s not uncommon for families to invite over a thousand people and take out loans just to cover wedding costs.

That said, it’s possible to have a wedding for the equivalent of a few hundred Euro, so plan according to what you can afford. Here are some estimated costs for a 100-person destination wedding in India.

Benefits in wedding Tourism for Bride and Groom

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    Dream come true – Wedding @ exotic location, a lifetime experience for a special event
  • null
    Easier to manage since Farhataas have in built facilities, provide packages
  • null
    Savings can be made on decor as exquisite locations provide apt setting
  • null
    Opportunity to have Wedding and Honeymoon togather

Benefits in Destination wedding Tourism for Guests

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    Allows them to travel to an exotic location
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    Allows an opportunity to have fun + enjoy vacation
  • null
    Savings can be made on decor as exquisite locations provide apt setting
  • null
    Opportunity to have Wedding and Honeymoon togather

What Qualifies as a marriage Destination thats worth while?

It goes without saying that all these destinations have an essential pre-requisite, which qualifies the same as a ready wedding destination, wherein the stakeholders can simply plug and play. A careful analysis of the repository of the aforesaid destination throws up the following aspects as depicted in the diagram below


Excellent Accommodation & Banquet facilities


Exquisite Natural or Man made Resources


Well developed supporting Infrastructure


Friendly Locales


Excellent Connectivity


Hospitable Climate in some parts of the year at least

Travel to Farhataas to have
Medical Treatment
Indian Wedding
Volunterring Experience
Peaceful & Quite Time
Agculturl Exposure
Cultural Experience

Farhataas, a place where 9 generations have lived. Its a a very unique family run service that provides a unique kind of travel experience. We can faciliate wedings, volunteering options, medical treatments or create multiple meorable moments.

Fill email to get more information if anything interests you. 

  • Emerse in indian culture. Live among the locals
  • Memories for life. Have an Indian Styles wedding
  • Eco Tourism lets you experience the nature & learn about it.
  • Visit India for Medical Treatment & Consultation
  • Quite & Peaceful location on rent for writers & creatives
  • Volunteer your time to help local community

Things we can help you with.


Number of people coming to India for Medical Travel has jumped 168% last year. Worldclass Service | Low Waiting | Low Cost. 850+ surgeons & 70+ Hospitals

Enjoy nature with Eco Tourism/ agro tourism

While living with our family, get to experience the agricutural side of India, away from crowded cities. Live with nature, wake up to chirping birds, fresh air and a peaceful environment.


We provide local and overseas cultural exchange programs and assist organizations in designing and arranging special cultural experience, service learning and visits to social enterprises. We aim to let participa​_nts immerse into local community and interact with local people.

Homestay with our family

Offering quality and affordability, homestays are a great value accommodation option for people of all ages to experience travel. Whatever your reason for travel, you’ll find perfect home to stay. Get to know us before staying with a video call or instant messaging.

Getting married Indian Style

To fully emerse in Indian Culture, let us help you get married the Indian Way. We will help you with a punjab wedding that will a become an experience to remember for life.

Volunteering in India to Help locals

Get the option to volunteer to help the local community, teach, build, aid on various programs that we setup to uplift the local people. Use your skills and experience and make like of people better.

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